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Fiction has the ability to literally transport us into other worlds. It awakens the ability of the soul to experience the feelings of others, and visit lands that it has never seen. Fiction explores not just who we are, but what we could be.

Particularly precious is that feeling that someone else has gone through the same sort of things as you, and you are not the only person to feel that way. It can be very freeing - at times we all feel like the 'outsider', worn down by worlds cares - and the best fiction touches on this or other aspects of our humanity and our ability to empathise, to see the world through someone else's eyes.

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My favourite type of fiction is cyberpunk. I first stumbled into this when I read the book Neuromancer by William Gibson. He is the man who first coined the term cyberspace, and is often called the father of cyberpunk. For those of you who may not have come across the term, this genre of science fiction covers the near future and is usually set, at least partially, in the virtual-realms of cyberspace.

Below are some of the seminal works of cyberpunk (including Bruce Bethkes short story where the word cyberpunk itself was first used) as well as looks at other authors and the subject of writing.

If you're interested in Cyberpunk, you can search the web using Cyber Search. This is a search engine that only returns results relevant to Cyberpunk.

You will also want to read my Review of Wired for Chaos, an exciting new Cyberpunk novel by Brett Renwick.

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A collection of classic sci-fi, beat generation books, some lovecraft horor and a few others thrown in for good measure. All available for download. Best read on a handheld computer (PDA) - this will save an awful lot of wear and tear on your printer. You will need a recent version of winzip or winrar to extract some of them.

Author's Pages

A set of pages dedicated to some of my favourite authors.

Cyberpunk Classics

These are a few of the classic works of cyberpunk. Cyberpunk portrays a future when global politics are rife with the corruption of mega-corporations. The increasing rise of technology and the cities has led to environmental damage and the increasing isolation of the powerless individual. It often pits the individual against the forces of politics and greed. It is a dark prophetic vision of how the future might be. Not only that but Gibsons portrayal of cyberspace - the consensual hallucination, is a wonderful metaphor for the human spirit. Freed from the constraints of body, time and space the spirit is freed.

Matrix Resources

This is one of the finest films of recent history. Very Cyberpunk and very Spiritual ! [and very good...] The articles sort of speak for themselves.

On the Subject of Writing

A few articles about writing fiction.

Other Stuff

The rest of the best... or should that be the other way round ?

The Cyberspace Voyager

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