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Terry Pratchett

A Gentle Introduction

Terry Pratchett is, amongst other things, the creator of the bizarre fantasy land known as discworld. Populated with wizards, trolls, dwarves, assassins and even a talking dog. There are so far twenty eight books in the discworld series and through them you can become personally acquainted with the inhabitants and lands of this strange world. The books are ridiculously and outrageously funny with twists of seriousness that betray an inventive, but possibly warped mind on the part of the creator.

There are many books in the series and a wide range of characters we are introduced to. These include Rincewind the failed wizard and his many legged travelling companion the luggage, Granny Weatherwax the midewife and witch, corporal Carrot the overtall dwarf and Sergeant Vimes the leader of the nightwatch to name a few. Whilst it isn't necessary to read them all in order some do go together. There is a 'read-order' graphic floating around the web and I have included it below.

The later books in the series are generally better and carry more depth than the earlier ones. They are full of 'in jokes' and satire... any one person is only ever likely to get half of them but they`re very funny and often thought provoking.

Oh, and another fact that I`d forgotten. I once 'met' (well... saw anyway) Terry at a book signing in Cambridge. I was stark raving mad and homeless at the time and wanting to make the moment 'significant' I wandered to the front of the queue and very somberly handed Mr Pratchett a coiled spring I had been treasuring for its magical powers... hmmm... I hope he`s taken care of it...

The Discworld

Resources and Stuff

For Terry Pratchett discussion and articles, visit the Terry Pratchett Unseen Message Board. This site welcomes visitors to the Discworld, Terry Pratchett novels and literary enthusiasts.

The Man Himself (Again)

Short Biography

The following passage is the introduction to Terry that he puts in all his books...

Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 and is still not dead. He started work as a journalist one day in 1965 and saw his first corpse three hours later, work experience meaning something in those days. After doing just about every job it's possible to do in provincial journalism, except of course covering Saturday afternoon football, he joined the Central Electricity Generating Board and became press officer for four nuclear power stations. He'd write a book about his experiences if he thought anyone would believe it.

All this came to an end in 1987 when it became obvious that the Discworld series was much more enjoyable then real work. Since then the books have reached double figures and have a regular place in the bestseller lists. He also writes books for younger readers. Occasionally he gets accused of literature.

Terry Pratchett lives in Wiltshire with his wife Lyn and daughter Rhianna. He says writing is the most fun anyone can have by themselves.

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