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Rogue Trooper

Nu Earth: a poisoned planet where a seemingly endless war rages between the Norts and the Southers. A futile struggle on a hostile planet with no clear end in sight.

But there are tales of a lone warrior. A man who can appear out of thin air and take out whole platoons, then disappear back into the shadows to which he belongs. A man who knows no allegiance but to his own mission and is hell-bent on revenge. He is the ultimate soldier, the last survivor of the massacred Genetic Infantrymen... the Rogue Trooper!

Rogue Trooper is a science fiction strip in the British comic 2000 AD, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. It follows the adventures of Rogue, a G.I. (or Genetic Infantryman, a genetically modified, blue-skinned, manufactured elite soldier) and his three comrades (in the form of "biochips", into which a G.I.'s entire personality is downloaded at the time of death for later retrieval) -- Gunnar, mounted on Rogue's rifle, Bagman, on his backpack, and Helm, on his helmet. He is immune to every poison gas known of in the story. His skin is not affected by strong acid.

The story is set on a planet, Nu-Earth, where a perpetual war between the Norts and Southers is being fought. During the war all form of chemical and biological weapons have been used poisoning the planet and the troops of either side must live in enclosed cities and fight in protective gear. The Southers have, through genetic engineering, developed a race of warriors who are immune to the deadly atmosphere and will therefore be superior troops. The Souther High Command deploy their secret weapon, the Genetic Infantry, in an airborne assualt but a traitor has betrayed the secret of the G.I. to the Norts and they are massacred during the drop.

With Rogue the only surviving G.I., he goes AWOL in order to track down the Traitor General responsible. Along the way he thwarts numerous Nort schemes, discovers and inadvertently destroys the only portion of Nu-Earth not contaminated by chemical weapons, and is betrayed by every female character he encounters.

He's called Friday

As a teenager in the nineties I read literally hundreds of the 2000AD comics. I had a good friend who collected them, and had a stack over two feet tall.

Rogue Trooper was one of my all time favourite characters. His story, in a Cyberpunk-esque world, pits him against the mega-corporations that created him.

Interesting sub-characters include the souls of his former comrades embedded in biochips. Gunnar (situated in Rogue's gun), Helm (in Rogue's helmet), and Bagman (in Rogue's backpack). The trio aid Rogue in his mission.

Eidos have just released Rogue Trooper the Game.

Rogue the Dude

They've been faithful to the atomosphere of Rogue, and it's a great game.

To read what I made of the game, read my Review of Rogue Trooper the Game.

You can also see some screenshots of Rogue in Action.

The Shotgun

Words are for the Brass... Not G.I.'s Because we're brothers Let's get the show on the Road... We are by no means Human... Fighting Freaks Like ourselves for the Hill... Casualties taken... Another offensive.... we hold!!!! More Casualties taken... Soon there will only be one... FRIDAY... I view what is to come from War... She hasn't a chance... Once a child... now a man... a mission DIE SCUM!!! He never knew what hit him... She is saved... As simple as that... I am... Friday... She is wary... Enemies dine together...

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