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Felicitations pilgrim. Whatever turn of fortune lands you in my humble domain, whether it be good or ill, welcome. It is my great desire that your browsing within should be a delight to us both. This harbour is small, but friendly and there is much to aid the honest seeker. Ahem, well, some things of interest anyway.

Apparently Voidspace is the Chinese word for the internet... but round here it means the place where headspace meets cyberspace.

The Sections in Brief
01 Technology Section 02 Fiction Section
03 Spiritual Stuff 04 The Galleries
05 IronPython 06 Enter Voidspace
07 Lair of the Python 08 Psychology

It's nice to have a little place to call you own, even better if it's shared with others. This is my corner of the web and I hope you enjoy it. This is the place where I scrawl my musings and applaud my muses. Here is where I shout into the void. And to paraphrase Nietzsche; when you shout into the void, the void shouts back.

My peregrination so far has involved dalliances with psychedelia, Buddhist meditation, Cambridge university, prison, homelessness and Christian Community. I now live in Northampton (along with my Romanian wife) and am still an active member of the Jesus Army. It's been an interesting journey up to this point, and I expect the land ahead is just as unpredictable. My interests include Spirituality, Cyberpunk Fiction, Science and Technology, and Programming with Python.

Most of the sections in this website are fairly self explanatory, so I won't explain. If you, for whatever bizarre reason, are interested in more of my opinions then check out Voidspace, which has some of my writings. It shouldn't be too technical as I reserve all that for the Techie Blog on the Python pages. My more personal blog is the Voidspace Blogspot, nestling in the Voidspace section.

The void-hand.

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