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I first stumbled into cyberpunk when I came across the book Neuromancer by William Gibson. He is the man who first coined the term cyberspace and is often called the father of cyberpunk. For those of you who may not have come across the term, this genre of science fiction covers the near future and is usually set, at least partially, in the virtual-realms of cyberspace.

It portrays a future when global politics are rife with the corruption of mega-corporations. The increasing rise of technology and the cities has led to environmental damage and the increasing isolation of the powerless individual. It often pits the individual against the forces of politics and greed. It is a dark prophetic vision of how the future might be. Not only that but Gibsons portrayal of cyberspace - the consensual hallucination, is a wonderful metaphor for the human spirit. Freed from the constraints of body, time, and space, the spirit is freed.

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Bruce Sterling Bruce Bethke
Philip K Dick

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For more on Cyberpunk, you can search the web using Cyber Search . This is a search engine that only returns results relevant to Cyberpunk.

William Gibson

The father of cyberpunk. Neuromancer was a revolution of it's day. Terms like 'cyberspace' and 'the matrix' were first seen here. All his books are an excellent read, highly recommended.

Neal Stephenson

One of the foremost writers of the cyberpunk genre. Also an investigative journalist with a good grasp of the computer scene.

Bruce Sterling

Another heavyweight Cyberpunk author. The Difference Engine, co-authored with Gibson, created a whole genre of it's own - steampunk.

Bruce Bethke

His short story Cyberpunk is the first known use of the term Cyberpunk - as well as a very good story in the genre.

Philip K Dick

Another quality writer who has strongly influenced the Sci-Fi scene. His stories often have a dark prophetic edge to them, which some say makes him a precursor to cyberpunk. In fact his story 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' became 'Bladerunner' - the archetypal cyberpunk film.

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