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Section 5 - Psychology

The Science of Mind

Worlds Meeting Worlds

Right from the earliest days of our history man has tried to understand his place in the universe. Dreaming up Gods and myths not just to explain who we are and how we came to be here but to attempt to touch some common thread at the core of our humanity. Perhaps even in that dreaming we reach out to something beyond cold logic and delve into the universal; and find that some of these living streams of thought give us a language to describe our discoveries.

In more recent times man has decided that the question of why we came to be here is perhaps unknowable and still the province of religion but what we are can be determined by experiment and science. Science has looked and examined the universe around us (literally under the microscope) and fathomed some small part of the mysteries of the universe - it seems that the more we learn the more we realise how much more there is to discover.

The question of who we really are and how we work is a question that has tasked not just the scientists.The ancient Greeks said of philosophy `first know thyself`. Psychology is modern mans attempt to fulfill that rule and is sometimes no less strange for being modern. Sometimes the observations of those who peer within have been as strange as the 'myths' and 'legends' reported by the cosmologists and Astrophysicists. It seems no co-incidence that the inner world should be as perplexing as the outer world, and vice-versa, for one forms the other.

I prefer the `depth` psychology of Jung and his ilk. Jung split from Freud because of his obsession with matters sexual - but they both dealt with the issues of the subconscious - what lies below the surface. For a full understanding of who we are - an appreciation of our spirituality - we need to answer both the question `what` are we, and `why` are we as well. As we discover the details and the wonders of all the depth of who we are perhaps we get some glimpse into purpose and mission.

Continuing the theme of exploring our nature and purpose I am including some works of philosophy here. But then again, perhaps everything here is just far out and interesting for its own sake !!

The Jung Pages.
An index with various articles on Jung. Covering introductions to his life, philosophies and theories, a lexicon of the terms used throughout his work and even explorations of some of the more mystical aspects to his work. There ought to be 'something for everyone' in the articles here.

Psychology Classics
A page of links to online psychology classics. Useful for those studying psychology or the history of psychology.

Introduction to Freud
A figure from the world of psychology who is a household name. Revered by some as the father of psychoanalysis and despised by others - this is a brief introduction to the man and his work.

Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy
A practical but spiritual philosophy that escapes the 'analytical trap' of other theories. Viktor Frankl forged his therapy techniques learning to find meaning in life in a German concentration camp.

HumanOS 1.3
My article comparing the operation of the mind to a modern computer operating system. About how we learn and personality develops. Linked from the Voidspace section. Also covers the nature vs nature debate and touches on the possibility of AI.

Resonance in the Human Brain
A way out article on the principle of resonance and how it might apply in the operation of the human soul.


Wittgenstein - Philosophical Investigations
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Two of the most important philosophical works of recent history. Dealing particularly with 'language games'. The Philosophical Investigations is easier to read and includes the commentary by Lois Shawver.

Philo of Alexandria
Pseudo Dionysius
These pages actually sneaked into the esoteric section - so that some links in one of the 'neoplatonist' pages would work, rather than being dead. Its all classic Greek philosophy - but possibly a little dry for my tastes. As they're not directly linked from any other index I've included them here.

Books to Download
The Serious Books section of The Library has several classics of philosophy available for download.

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