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Welcome to the home of the Voidspace Python Programs. These are various programs that I've written with Python. They are all fully open source, with an OSI Approved License. I hope you find them useful, and I welcome feedback. Check out the Python Index Page for links to my Python CGIs, modules, and smaller "recipes".

The Voidspace Python Programs
Nanagram Movable Python
rest2web Firedrop2


The Anagram Maker

Nanagram is a program for making anagrams. Astound and annoy your friends by discovering what silly anagrams can be made from their names. For example, did you know that ? :

  • George W Bush - is an anagram of 'whose bugger'.......
  • Tony Blair : 'bony trail'.....
  • Ronald Reagan : 'adrenal groan' or 'loan arranged'....
  • Osama Bin Laden : 'bald nose mania' or 'bad neon salami'.........
  • Mother Theresa : 'hot rare themes' or 'earth theorems'.........
  • Michael Foord : 'cool firm head'... remember... the anagram never lies Smile

The desktop version has various features - including several dictionaries and advanced search options. There is also an online version that you are free to include in your own websites. The help file for the desktop version has a guide to finding anagrams and an explanation of how the program works. For download and installation instructions, go to the relevant docs page, using the links below. You can also try Nanagram online.

Nanagram is now shareware. It is available for a very low cost from the Voidspace Shareware Page. There is also a free demo version to download and try.

Movable Python

Portable Python Distribution

Version 2.0.0

emoticon:python Movable Python is a distribution of Python (for Windows) that doesn't need to be installed. It easily fits onto a USB memory stick. Python on a stick. Smile

Movable Python includes an integrated IDE, to make Movable Python a portable Build, Test, and Run environment. It has a nice GUI to launch programs and control its behaviour.

Movable Python is useful in the following situations:

  • Machines where you can't install programs.
  • Where you need a portable 'Build, Test, and Run' Python environment.
  • Having several versions of Python on the same machine for forward/backward compatibility testing.
  • Easily deploying Python scripts without having to install Python.
  • Try before you buy - test Python without having to install it, including new versions .
  • 'Python Runtime Environment'. '.py' files can be associated with movpy.


Website Generation Tool

Version 0.5.0 Beta 1 06th August 2006

rest2web the Site Builder

rest2web is a tool for autogenerating websites (and parts of websites). It also has support for maintaining a website with multiple translations (i18n I suppose). It allows you to store your website contents in reST format, and generate pages and indexes from templates. It uses a simple but flexible templating and macro system; and generates index pages, sidebars, and navigation links.

This means that adding new pages is as easy as dropping a text file into the right folder. rest2web will handle adding the link to the index page and creating the new page from a template and the contents. Removing a page is as easy as deleting a single file, and have rest2web automatically rebuild the indexes.

It includes built in functions for generating navigation trails and different types of sidebars, and an interesting macro system.

The download includes the rest2web code, and docs and a test site. The test site serves as a simple illustration of how rest2web does all it's magic.

rest2web now supports building websites without the need for restindexes or index pages. You can build a site just from a directory of ReST documents. Razz


Stomping across the Worlds of Atlantis

Version 1.3.5 29th Feb 2004

This was one of my earliest projects. Atlantis is a Play By Email, turn based strategy game. And great fun it is too ! Atlantibots is a program that will read Atlantis reports and handle a lot of the routine tasks for you - like mapping, repairing roads, checking your units have the right flag settings etc. For anyone interested in developing their own 'robot' factions there is a programmers interface. This program is very useful for anyone thinking of playing Atlantis.

Atlantibots Home Page


The Python Blog Client Tool

Firedrop2 is a cross-platform blogging tool written in Python. It keeps your blog source files on your computer, making it a clientside tool. This means you control your blog, and can easily move it from one server to another, with no risk of losing data. It also means you can manage your blog offline. Cool

It is fully open source, and has all the features you expect from a modern blogging program :

  • RSS feed generation
  • Categories
  • Automatic archive generation
  • A powerful set of plugins, including spell checker and emailer
  • Entries can be made in text, HTML, ReST, textile or sextile markup
  • HTML templating system and macros for all sorts of tricks
  • Built in FTP capability for uploading your blog to a server
  • Because it's written in Python, it is easy to extend Firedrop or create new plugins for it

Firedrop2 was originally created by Hans Nowak, and is now maintained by Michael Foord. Not only is it great for running your online journal (or weblog), but it has additional features for maintaining document collections.

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