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A Hard Decision

emoticon:pencil Or at least a hardware decision...

A friend has inveigled me into playing Counter Strike: Source. It's a 'run-around-and -blast-everyone' game, just how I like them. Razz

Unlike most MMORPGs it has no monthly subscription fee.

My computer is now three years old, with an Nvidia FX5200 128mb graphics card. On this graphics card ranking the card rates as an 'F' ! However it seems to cope fine with Quake IV and Rogue Trooper which are at least as graphically intensive as Counter Strike.

After fifteen minutes of CS (which it plays at an impressively high graphics setting despite the F), the graphics card was over-heating and shutting down [1]. Fifteen minutes of CS is fun, but kind of frustrating, so I nipped down to Maplins and bought a fan.

The FX5200 doesn't have a fan, and not an over big heatsink: but wide enough to attach a fan to. I used wires to strap it on. Smile

A blurry picture of a strapped on fan

Guess what, it works... Now I can get blasted away like all the other noobs when I should be coding.

Anyway, all that served to prove that I need a new computer.

This is what I've gone for :

The Delta ST6
  • AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+ Dual Core AM2
  • 2048MB DDRII 667 Corsair Memory - The World's Premium Memory!
  • 320GB Seagate Hard Disk - Ultra Fast SATA II!
  • ASUS AM2 Deluxe Motherboard!
  • 16x DVD Player - Fastest DVD ROM Available!
  • NEC DVD ReWriter ND4570 16x Dual Layer & Dual Format - The Best Drive In The World!
  • ATI Radeon x1600PRO 512MB PCI-Express Graphics Card!
  • etc...

Etc includes a floppy drive and twelve USB ports !

It is from a relatively unknown company, so I've bought it with a credit card, but at £700 it is at least a hundred pounds cheaper than an underpowered alternative from the next cheapest company I could find.

Whilst we're on the subject of hardware, my Linksys NSLU2UK on its way. It's a network storage device that you can plug USB hard drives into. It has a custom Linux install on it, which you can hack to work as a mail server and web server !

Although I'll still be installing Windows XP on my new box, the Lunix evangelists amongst you can rejoice, because I'll be turning my old box into a server and installing Ubuntu on it.

I still need to buy a Mac to port Movable Python over, but this is enough toys for the moment.

[1]In case anyone else has the same problems, it would appear to play normally for about fifteen minutes and then the screen would go black. Whatever audio happened to be playing at the time would then loop.

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Beware the Mutants

emoticon:nightmare Looks like Guido nearly got caught by a runaway Python mutant. Luckily he managed to squash it before it got him. Smile

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-08-24 23:52:01 | |

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Another rest2web Update in Subversion

emoticon:exclaim There is another update to rest2web in the subversion repository.

It fixes a bug in handling index pages (index.txt) without a restindex, when in force mode. Get that [1]. Smile

rest2web can also handle a restindex inside a comment with other content. Like this :

.. This Page Belongs to Me!
    This page is 'somepage.html'

    It is written by me.

    Copyright 2012

         # Some Values

        #Some Values

The comment won't appear in the output. Their should be nothing in the comment after the restindex/uservalues block.

[1]In force mode, rest2web can render ReStructured Text documents without any metadata. Normally rest2web uses instructions in each document called the 'restindex'.

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Irrelevant Frippery

emoticon:globepage This is what the Voidspace Techie Blog really looks like :

The Techie Blog HTML Graph

At least according to the Java HTML Graph anyway. Smile

My boss recently took this photo of an 'amusingly altered sign' :

A Nicely Modified Sign

The best bit is the comment by TheDamnMushroom. Laughing

Oh, maybe something slightly more on topic. I've been listening to Bruce Eckel Interviewing Guido van Rossum, from 2003. It seems like I'm following in great footsteps. Guido explains how when he wrote the initial implementation of Python (over a two week break), he coded whilst watching television.

At the moment I'm watching Stargate SG-1 Season III and 24 Series 4. Not both at the same time though.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-08-19 21:41:14 | |

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