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Hot Off the Press - IronPython 1.0 Final

emoticon:target Well IronPython 1.0 beat Python 2.5. The 1.0 final has just been released.

This is great news, Resolver Systems is no longer writing an application on a beta quality platform. Razz

It's worth reading Jim Hugunin's Announcement, it's been an interesting journey for him.

Not long after the announcement on the mailing list, Sylvain Hellegouarch announced that he had CherryPy 3 Mostly Working on IronPython. All good stuff...

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More IronPython Tutorials

emoticon:cross Mark Rees has posted two more entries in his series of IronPython tutorials :

On a totally unrelated note, it looks like the release schedule for Python 2.5 has slipped slightly. Due to several 'last minute' changes, we are going to have another release candidate before the final release.

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Programs and Tools Updated

emoticon:music I've been updating my list of Programs and Tools.

This list proved extremely useful in getting my new computer set up. (I'm very happy with the support from Cube24-7 by the way. The Delta-ST6 seems to be a genuinely good deal.)

As a result I've added a couple of hardware diagnostic tools to the list. I've added quite a few new programs that I've been using, several new firefox extensions and removed and edited ones that I no longer use.

The new programs are :


  • Counter Strike: Source

    This is an online run around and shoot-em game I play with a Friend.

    The game is great, good maps and very atmospheric. I mainly play deathmatch because I'm not very good. Smile

  • GameSpy Arcade

    I use this to find servers for Counter Strike. The free version works fine.

System Administration

  • Process Explorer

    Task Manager on steroids. Smile

    Its most useful feature is its ability to tell you which process has a handle on a file and allowing you to kill it. This makes it possible for you to rename or delete the file.

  • Belarc Advisor

    This little program does a PC audit, and gives you full information on hardware, users and installed software on your Windows PC.

  • Memtest+

    A full memory workout and test for your PC. Create a boot CD and will run extensive tests on your system memory. Very useful for new PCs.

Programming Tools

  • MinGW

    Minimalist GNU for Windows. Not only does this provide the familiar Linux shell for windows, with all the normal commands, but it is also easy to configure distutils so that you can build Python Extensions from Source: python build --compiler=mingw32.

Online Tools

  • Azureus - BitTorrent Client

    BitTorrent is an excellent way of downloading files like large programs and Linux distributions. Wink

    This Java client is the best of the several I've tried, and amazingly for a Java program is very good looking. As an added bonus it doesn't completely block my internet connection when running, like some of the ones I've tried.

    It supports encryption, which can help overcome bandwidth throttling that some ISPs use to restrict p2p programs.

  • Peer Guardian 2

    If you're using p2p software, then you need Peer Guardian. It protects your computer from unwanted connections by large organisations like the MPAA who snoop on legitimate users of peer-to-peer software.

Forte have recently dropped free agent, and it has too many quirks for me to pay for it. I'm evaluating Pan which seems to be a good, free usenet client.

Firefox Extensions

  • The Qute Theme

    Ok, so this isn't an extension really. It's a new set of icons for Firefox that are much cuddlier and stylish than the default ones.

  • Fission

    A very simple extension that makes your address bar double as a progress bar.

  • DownThemAll

    A free download manager for Firefox. It allows you to pause and resume downloads, very handy.

  • Firebug

    Souped up web developer tools...

    It includes a CSS/DOM viewer and editor and a very powerful Javascript debugger.

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Podcasting, Pocket PCs and Radio on Your Time

emoticon:podcast There are two new articles on Podcasting by Rene Tse in the Technology Section of Voidspace.

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Another Record Month

emoticon:globesearch Well, August was another record month for Voidspace. The site stats show nearly 60 000 unique visitors making around 110 000 visits.

Once you take out downloads, blog feed fetches, and my silly CGI page counter script which awstats counts as a page view, that's well over two hundred thousand page views last month.

Based on my adsense earnings for this month, I only need to increase my traffic by about thirty times and I can retire. Laughing

Actually, if I can increase my earnings from software sales then it may not be that bleak. I have another project in mind which I'll be ready to start in around six months or so and will take from six months to a year to get to beta [1]. Of course, by then Resolver may have made me rich. Wink

[1]And no it's not Web 2.0. It's actually a web related desktop application.

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IronPython and Background Worker Threads


This article has moved.

You can find the whole tutorial series at IronPython & Windows Forms.

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