Meditation for the Busy Person!

by Sandra Lee Schubert

No time or patience to meditate in your busy life? Here are some simple and quick exercises in accepting the gift of stillness, amid whatever you're doing and wherever you are.

The Busy Person

Time seems to be speeding up at this incredible pace. I want to yell, "Stop! Let me catch my breath. Give me a moment to think, please." Time rolls on and I am caught in its spiral and move forward whether I want to or not.

Here are some brief instructions that can bring even the busiest of us to an awareness of the gift of stillness. For a few moments each day, we can become still and hear the sweet whispering of God.

Meditation for the Busy Person

First you must remember to breathe! Your breath should be deep. Bring each inhalation into your belly and feel it expand and let it slowly out.

Conscious breathing:

Conscious breathing is taking a moment to pay attention to how you are breathing. This can be done anytime, anywhere. Say to yourself, "Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile." Paying attention to how you are breathing will begin to relax you.

Mindfulness of surroundings:

Notice an object - what is its color? Does it have a shape, a smell? What is its texture? Look at the sky, a tree, a bird. Pay attention to what is around you. Notice the people around you. What are your judgments? Can you let go? When walking or moving around notice how your body feels. Does it feel heavy or light? Pay attention to your movements. Do you feel awkward or does it feel good to be in your body?


Imagine yourself doing something you do not normally do but might want to. I do not swim, but I imagine myself moving through the water, effortlessly, the water is warm and soothing. This visualization is very relaxing for me.

Do this every morning:

For the first 5 minutes of every day, feel your body waking up. Take a moment to remember your dreams. Stretch and move about while still in your bed. Notice if you feel relaxed or tense. Do feel rested?

At the end of the day, try this:

The last 5 minutes of the day as you lie in bed, practice conscious breathing. Imagine your body is relaxing with every breath. Feel your body relax. Allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

These simple steps will begin your journey into relaxation.

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