Monday, July 28, 2003

Well... I've got a shirt and trousers... just need my shoes and I'm all fine and dandy for my wedding on Saturday... which means I won't be posting here for a couple of weeks :-)
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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Those of you whose heads are not so firmly entrenched in the sorts of worlds explored in my 'techie blog' below may not have heard of MMORPGs..... or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Imagine a vast online world where players adopt a persona and interact, communicate - even fight !! Scary ? Well its already big and getting bigger.

For gamers (online game addicts) who might be getting fed up with this - gamespot have coem up with a very clever review of a new idea. Played in realtime, involving interaction with a host of almost unimaginable variety of characters and whats more its free to play...... called real life ! I can't wait to try it... oh... but first I've got some coding I need to finish :-)

Here's an extract from the review (which is very well written) and basically concludes by reccommending real-life to all :

Real life can occasionally feel like a chore. Some players legitimately dislike it, despite having attempted and even excelled at numerous career paths. Others externalize their frustrations by harming other players or, in some cases, even harming themselves. These players do have access to various support forums, and often end up whiling away the time by engaging in various available minigames or other competitive activities. Socializing is always an option, and as with other online RPGs, real life is certainly at its most rewarding when you manage to find and consort with other like-minded companions. At any rate, it's hard to fault the game for lack of content or viable activities, and even when certain players try to subvert the system or harm others, it still makes for some exciting and spontaneous events for other players who happen to be in the area or just hear of the event. Beyond that, real life can indeed be very time-consuming, and some of the less exciting moments, such as when your character is tired or injured, can be annoyingly so.

The Latest Craze in Multiplayer Gaming

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I've always been interested in words (hey man - who isn't !!) particularly the way the sounds of words conveys meaning. Who can resist getting their lips round a word like ***** bugger...can't think of one - well you know what I mean anyway :-)

Usually the meaning of a word comes from various parts of it that had a meaning in an older, long forgotten language. So similar sounding words often have similar meanings... this study of the history and meaning of words is called etymology (please forgive any poor spelling here)> Odd then that some words that sound very similar have such different meanings. What strange bedfellows the following pairs make :

etymology (ironically enough) and entymology - the study of insects.
Sechatology - the study of endtimes (particularly bible prohphecies) and scatology - an excessive interest in poo and fecal matter !!

Strange huh :-)

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Heere's a wonderful article to read when you're 2 weeks and five days off getting married. Some guy looked at the lives of great scientific geniuses - and where in their lives they did their best work. His conclusion :

Creative genius and crime express themselves early in men but both are turned off almost like a tap if a man gets married and has children, a study says.

Sci Tech News - from ABC News Online 10/07/2003 Marriage may tame genius

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Friday, July 11, 2003

Blogging is so much easier now I have this little button on my toolbar that I can hit at anytime... *cough* sorry, techie rubbish I know.... anyway I forgot to say... my friend Fiona from Bournemouth is coming to stay soon which will be really cool.......

*sigh* did you know in order to visit this country, even just to come for a few days for your daughters wedding - you have to have a bank account to prove you can *afford* to be here..... sick man. That only excludes about 5 sixths of the worlds population from this squalid, elitist country - but then I suppose we wouldn't want all those *poor* people visiting us would we now ? Getting a VISA for Delia's mum to come for the wedding has been a nightmare... much phoning of the brisitsh embassy in Israel andd stuff...........
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Only two people have signed my guestbook - that's despite about two hundred people a day visiting this site... ungrateful swines :-) I'll just have to find another way to get feedback from people.

I've got a big Jesus Centre meeting tommorrow and I'm working late preparing my reasons for not having done anything for the last two months. Typing this blog is typical distraction tactics !!

Major decision time in my life again.... I 'm getting married in three weeks and we're moving into a big room in a community house - and we have to decide whether to decorate or not :-)) seriously..... Anyway - plans for the decorations have gone *really* smoothly and I'm well looking forward to it.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

My goodness - I thought I had *loads* and *loads* to say, and so I put off saying it.... and now when it comes down to it I can't think of anything !! Bum....
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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Not really a techie issue - more an emotional issue....... irrespective of where you 'stand' on abortion ; modern science is creating new ethical dilemnas... and peopel don't half get steamed up about it... maybe with reason... man don't half do a lot of messing in dodgy areas.............

Lab Grows Harvested Fetus Eggs (Med-Tech Center Monday)

Israeli scientists have taken egg-producing follicles from aborted human fetuses and have had some success forcing them to grow. The researchers say the technique might someday be used for fertility treatments, but others think it's a bad idea.
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Oops... been a while since I've 'blogged'.... I've lost that blogging feeling whoooah, whoa whoa.... oops... *sorry*.

Anyway - loads been happening - which is why I haven't been here - I'm learning a new programming language *at last* - I won't bore you with the details - I'llsave it for the techie blog below... but it has been occupying me when I should have been working... *oops* again............

After intial difficulties my wedding plans have gone amazingly smoothly... cool - :-)
I'm *well* looking forward to it now. Oh well.

Whilst we're on the subject of bloggin (where we... ?) I've got good news for me !! Apparently I can't be sued for libel if I'm just repeating what other people say !! That's a change from the normal libel laws..... hee hee... you'd better not upset me now :

Wired Reports

Damn... maybe that only applies in America... *sigh*....

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