Thursday, July 17, 2003

It's nice to be random ! and in these odd days of electronic communication and security apparently its essential...... random numbers are used in just about every security application on the web -and now they're generating them with lava lamps.... or something like that ??

Wired 11.08: Totally Random
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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

One of the most insidious pieces of new technology is GPS. A device, rapidly shrinking in size, that knows exactly where it is - or more to the point; knows exactly where you are. With the price dropping every year and more and more devices capable of being conencted to this global network the possibilities are endless. Cars that drive themselves, self delivering lorries, finding stolen goods or kidnapped people - or tracking political dissidents. Like other technologies they've only been gradually creeping into life as uses are found for them. This article is an interesting look at how the rising star of GPS is changing things :

Fast Company | The Sky's the Limit

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Monday, July 14, 2003

I could almost put this one in the personal one. When I was a lad.... *sigh* and I learned (learnt?? I never know which to put) to program on a BBC B computer 32k 2Mhz..... - they didthis domesday project.... back in 1986. State of the art - used laserdiscs linked to the BBCs to store a modern version. Only thing is the computers are now so obselete that nothing can read the discs any more - funny :-)) as the article says... the original domesday book (circa 1086 ad) is still perfectly readable.....

Ananova - Ancient Domesday Book outlives electronic version

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Friday, July 11, 2003

More science faction here - this time the *real* way to do time travel !! If anyone succeeds can they let me know please :-)

A User's Guide to Time Travel

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Another beautiful thing about the new google toolbar is that it blocks pop-ups. Aaaahhhh - could this be an end to frantically closing down windows that appear everywhere ?? I hope so :-) Anyway - this next article is far out, I have *no* way of knowing whether it's true or not but it sounds amazing.

The Antigravity Underground

and this is just as far out... but is probably true..... a cloak of invisibility is just around several corners.........

The Super Power Issue - Being Invisible

posted by Mike Foord on Friday, July 11, 2003

An online book on the subject of reverse engineering - an interesting (if overly techie...) subject - and one that is becoming legally dubious... which is why they have released this book now.

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software

posted by Mike Foord on Friday, July 11, 2003

Hee hee - I've done a wikkid HTML tutorial which will appear soon.... learn to code webpages as good as me in half an hour :-))

Also an article on 'walking in the spirit' living a spiritual life rather than just being religious *big* difference. At the moment this article is too wordy - but I might publish it and work on it.........
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Wow man..... I created this blog entry by using thenew google toolbar with 'blog this installed'. When I come across a page I want to add to the blog I just hit the 'blog this' button and a window opens with the link and then posts it here It even puts the page title in for you :-) Its a webpage about science fiction ideas that are become science fact...... scary really of course....

Science faction -

When I used to put target=_blank into a link to make it open in a new page blogger used to complain about an invalid parameter and refused to do it... pain in the butt..... sooooooo I complained and they sorted it out... cool hey - somebody listened to me - my life is real and has meaning... :-) all I need now is some smilies and my life would be complete :-))
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Fancy some Cosmic Fireworks ?
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Any of you read Virtual Light by William Gibson ? The hero of the book is the technology called virtual light - shades with incorporated VR technology.... a huge wealth of information in these shades.......

Well... you can *almost* own your own pair.... check out these funky new VGA glasses

Funky Virtual Light Head-Up-Display

A snip at 1250 bucks....... all I need is a pair for my PDA with GPRS and connected to the net... and I'm away !!
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My goodness... we're starting to generate code for the Atlantibot project. Checkout the message archive to see.

I ought to have a working PDA again soon and so be able to start actually coding :-)

A crop of interesting wired articles :

You thought cybersex was only a dream... weeeeeeell ..... they've made the next step... obviously they're developing it for serious reasons though !! Of course....
Transmitting the sense of touch

New alien solar system discovered - this one looks much more like ours :
Good News for Fans of ET

Scary new big-brother type tool:
Tracking Vehicle Movements

And the adverts on these Wired pages are getting more interesting as well - interactive !! I'm normally very well trained to ignore adverts - but these are getting too good.

I'm really too busy to do justice to the new project - sometime I'll do a big long blog. It's very exciting to be learning to program again and *at last* I'm having to wrap my head round object-oriented programming. My head fell off around about the time I started to read about passing objects with themselves as one of the parameters.... or something like that :-)) Anyway - I'm using Python, which is a scripting language similar to Perl except easier !!
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Friday, July 04, 2003

Well - the Atlantibot Project is off the ground and even has a homepage. All it needs now is some code !!
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Thursday, July 03, 2003

NExt salvos are being fires in the music sharing war. After the decisions that filesharing companies couldn't now be shut down if there technology had legal uses and that ISPs have to divulge user information if there is known breach of copyright... the record labels are going for the individual user...............

Soooooooo... the file sharer boys are building anonymity into the P2P networks :

Giving Sharers Ears Without Faces - a Wired Article

I've started to learn Python for a new Atlantis Project - I'll let you know as soon as I can do anything itneresting with it !!

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