Monday, July 19, 2004

If you're interested in internet related news then you may be interested in this article from CNET about the ongoing argument between Verisign and ICANN. Verisign are a private company that operate a monoply over registering the US top level domain names (.com, .org etc) whilst ICANN are the " Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" who cover the whole shebang... 

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Well I'm back :-)
It's a good job I took my PDA to Romania - I spent an awful lot of the time not having a clue as to what was being said all around me. Luckily it gave me a good opportunity to work on various programs.

The first link is an article from 1996 about internet censorship. The first CGI proxy is mentioned in it called rover. This is an opportune discovery as I've just released the first version of my own python CGIproxy, see the announcement below.

The limits of control

There have been various updates to the Voidspace Python Utils.
Available from :

Voidspace Pythonutils

*NEW* Version 1.0.0
Python CGI-proxy.
A CGI-proxy for browsing the web in a restricted or censored environment. Will remotely fetch the pages for you. Similar in concept to the jmarshall perl proxy - though nothing like as fully featured yet. Trial version online to test. Modifies urls in the page so that images, stylesheets etc are also fetched through the proxy. Doesn't yet handle forms very well but functioning and can handle authentication. Will use the ClientCookie module for cookie handling if it's available (authentication without cookie handling is generally useless).

*NEW* listquote module Version 1.0.0
This module contains a set of functions for parsing values from text files and writing them back out again. It replaces the lineparse and csv_s modules. If you want a dead simple, bog-standard CSV module you could do worse than this one.. The function to read in lists is used by ConfigObj and has lots of functionality without being complicated.
It will :

* Appropriately quote and unquote individual elements
* Read in lists, including nested lists
o Comma seperated
o Between '[..]'
o Between '(...)'
* Straightforwardly read CSV files
* Straightforwardly write CSV files

*UPDATE* ConfigObj Version 3.10
This now uses the listquote module for reading in keywords with lists of values. Much more flexible.

*UPDATE* guestbook Version 1.1.0
This can now email the guestbook owner when a new entry is made.

Also updates/bugfixes to the orderedDict module and FSDM filestruct module (used by DirWatcher).

I'm in the process of 'relicensing' all my code available on this page. I still retain full copyright - but you are free to use, modify and relicense the code. This is effective immediately but it will take a while to update the text in all of my modules.



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Friday, July 02, 2004

Here's one for the gamers in the Void-Shockz group. The specs on tjhe Xbox 2 look tempting ! At a peak it can handle 21 billion instructions per second... 50 of them and your running at 1 TIP (Terra instructions per second.. not quite the same as a Terra-flop..). Wonder if we'll ever see an Xbox supercomputer ? Anyway as microsoft subsidise the hardware in order to make money of the software licenses... I might be tempted if they crack the OS and can run Linux on it....
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