Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh Tis the Season to Upgrade..

Well, after eighteen months of work and a whole stack of arguing about decorator syntax, Python 2.4 is realeased into the wild. Unfortunately upgrading is not just a matter of uninstalling Python 2.3 and installing the new one. That bit works fine... but extension libraries compiled to work with Python 2.3 don't work with 2.4. I've written a brief article on the joys of upgrading python version.

Grisoft are discontinuing version 6 of their free virus killer - Anti Virus Guard. Fortunately they're now making version 7 free. Check it out here - http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php. My experience of Anti Virus Guard hasn't been altogether happy, but it seems to be the best of a bad lot, as far as virus protection software goes.

posted by Michael Foord on Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Too busy, too busy... of course. Too many projects (any volunteers of help ?). The major one currently is rushing headlong into the public opening of our Northampton Jesus Centre. We're in the building now and the big day is 6th December... aargh, aargh, panic.

Second is the 'jalopy with user login' project. I've posted the link a couple of times but here it is again. User login is actually built as a separate project and can be plugged into any CGI with the addition of 3 lines of code.... Yup... that's 3 lines of code. It uses cookies and already has login, logout, create new logins and edit user account. That's why I've posted the link again. Just the admin stuff to do and it's pretty much finished - all using HTML templates of course so will work as part of any website for a native look and feel. A single install can handle many different setups in the same domain (or they can share a user base). Jalopy is great - but I've already explained it.

I'll use login tools (in the absence of any better name ending in py) for the download manager, newsletters etc for my website. Which leads me onto the real problem - I thought about packaging a prerelease of both jalopy and login tools as they both work already. I have also basically settled the new look and feel for voidspace that I outlined in new voidspace manifesto. I've done the new python index page and started to look at converting over the content. Ouch - too much too much. I have to automate it. I'll build a simple tool that will autogenerate indexes and descriptions from something like a package-info file. Drop the package info file into a directory and have all my pages auto updated (statically rather than online I think). But that means it will have to wait, which means I can't release it - which is a shame. Oh well - priorities. Feedback on the new look welcomed. I think it's much cleaner than the old one.
posted by Michael Foord on Wednesday, November 17, 2004

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Apologies to those on the Void-Shockz message group, I posted a similar announcement a few days ago. Jalopy is off the ground and running. Jalopy is an open source content management program. It uses the awesome Kupu online WYSIWYG HTML editor alongside python CGI to allow the online creation and editing of webpages. Particularly useful for 'web-communities' where you might want several people to be able to work on adding content to pages.

I've been working on a 'login' module to work with it. I'm about halfway through it. At the moment I have to manually create the login accounts - but logging in itself works fine. The login module is very easy to use - the addition of three lines of code to the main script and the module does everything else itself... hurrah. If none of that made sense to you - don't worry !! I'll be doing the documentation and doing a proper release announcement soonish (next few weeks). You can see how far I've got on the Jalopy page. I have to make a tricky decision as to how to balance security and convenience, either I make the user periodically login - or I renew the cookie every time, meaning copying a cookie is a security hole. Hmmm.... I don't think I'll lose sleep over it though.

Also the next issue of PyZine is nearly out. You can see the introduction to an article by guess who advertised on the front page. Python at Both Ends of the Web.
posted by Michael Foord on Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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