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Richard Kadrey - a Sci-fi Author with Sense

emoticon:clock Well, there is some controversy about making classic works available online. Google are getting into a load of trouble anyway.

Thankfully some authors have good sense, Richard Kadrey has given his blessing to Metrophage online at Voidspace - which is very cool... Smile

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-06-07 21:32:22 | |
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Romanian Recipes on Delia's Website

emoticon:mirrormask I've always been very proud of my wife Delia, and especially her cooking. (Those of you who have visited us will know what I mean.)

She now has her own website, with some traditional Romanian recipes:

In case you hadn't guessed, the website name is a tribute to that other cooking Delia: Delia Smith . Smile

There's still more work to be done on the site, more recipes and photos and so on, but it's a good start.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-23 23:16:36 | |
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Finding Your Way With GPS

emoticon:exclaim There is a new article by Rene Tse up in the Technology Section.

This article is a review (from real road trips!) of five of the most popular GPS software systems. It lists the pros and cons of the following programs:

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-01 23:57:52 | |
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Ruggedized Devices and the Top Ten New Smartphone Technologies

emoticon:bugs There are two new articles in the Science & Technology section of Voidspace. These are:

These articles are both written by Rene Tse. I particularly like the article on rugged mobile devices. I'd love to get a new PDA [1], and I even kept my last one for two years without breaking it, but having one that can cope with rain and klutz-induced-disaster would be a big bonus.

[1]I'm particularly tempted by the HTC Athena which is now available in the UK. Luckily for my pocket, my current contract doesn't expire for another few months.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-04-03 17:37:27 | |
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XDA II (and other cellphone unlocks)

emoticon:tooth There is a new phone unlock available from the Voidspace collection. Smile

This unlock procedure will take you through getting your HTC PDA / cellphone unlocked.

It works with models including :

Plus any HTC handset since the XDA 2. These handsets can be unlocked without a hard reset or flashing the ROM.

The following phones can also be unlocked, but may require a ROM reflash (instructions included). They shouldn't require a hard reset.

M5000, XDA Exec, MDA Pro, Qtek 9000

For more information, and a list of the other unlocks available, see :

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-12-30 19:26:42 | |
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Comments Restored

emoticon:dove Hopefully I have just got comments working again for this blog. As usual, it was a silly mistake in my template. Confused

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-10-14 01:12:14 | |


Podcasting, Pocket PCs and Radio on Your Time

emoticon:podcast There are two new articles on Podcasting by Rene Tse in the Technology Section of Voidspace.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-09-03 22:55:45 | |
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Official T-Mobile SDA Unlock

emoticon:mobile It seems like all I do these days is post adverts to this blog. I promise that right after this entry I'll post something that isn't an advert. Smile

Anyway, enough waffle. This is an announcement.

The Official T-Mobile SDA 1 & SDA 2 Unlock Procedure is now available from Voidspace Shareware. It also has an unlock procedure for the Orange SPV, as well as a great program for watching TV on your PC and another for having fun with anagrams. If you haven't visited yet, you really ought to. Wink

Official SDA I & II Unlock

Voidspace SDA Smartphone Unlock on Tradebit

This file takes you through the official T-Mobile unlock procedure for the SDA 1 and the SDA 2 smartphone.

It is the official development process for unlocking your mobile phone handset for any network AND application unlocking allowing installations of unsigned software (such as backup apps, games and third party software) and writing your own applications.

With this process your PDA will be able to take any sim on any network and any software, only 4.99.

Get enlightened now! Knowledge is the power to unlock...

Get your phone unlocked now.


Visit the Official SDA Unlock Page to purchase, or for more information.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-07-28 23:49:12 | |


Mobile VoIP

emoticon:mobile Rene Tse has written a new article on VoIP.

Mobile VoIP - Voice Over Wi-Fi

VoIP really is about mobility. This article is about using Wi-Fi enabled devices capable of Voice Over IP. It provides a mini tutorial on how to install four VoIP applications on Linux, Apple Mac or Windows operating systems.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-06-01 00:02:34 | |
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New RSS Feeds

emoticon:firedrop2 Thanks to work by Davy Mitchell on Firedrop2, this blog now has separate RSS feeds for each category. Very Happy

RSS Feeds by Category

I have also setup Planet Firedrop. This is an aggregator showing posts from blogs powered by Firedrop2.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-05-30 01:08:40 | |
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Cyberpunk in the Library

emoticon:eyeballz The excellent Bridge Trilogy by William Gibson has long been available from the Cyberpunk Library. Now thanks to the work of Joao Lobato and Vicente Espinoza, they have been proof read, and are available for download separately :

The Work of William Gibson

If you've never read Virtual Light, Idoru and All Tomorrow's Parties, then they're well worth a read. Excellent stuff. Smile

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-05-27 21:20:56 | |
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The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

The Old Voidspace BlogThe Old Techie Blog

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