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The Polaroid PDC 3050 Camera (and maybe the web doesn't know everything!)

emoticon:torch I'm selling a digital camera and laptop [1] on ebay. I've had the camera for a while, when I bought it 3.8 Mega-pixels was a fairly high resolution for a digital camera.

When I came to get the technical specs for this camera there was almost nothing on the web about it, even on the Polaroid website! I was surprised, I always assume that the internet knows everything...

We bought the camera originally from Argos, so perhaps it was only ever sold through them, and not generally available. (Although there are plenty of references to the PDC 3080, which must be in the same series.)

One thing I did find, was a gallery showing various pictures taken with the PDC3050:

Anyway, for the sake of posterity, what follows are the bare details that I do know about the camera.

It is a 3.8 Mega-pixel camera, with 3x digital-Zoom.

The front of the PDC3050 Polaroid digital camera
The back of the PDC3050 Polaroid digital camera

Other specs include:

Now hopefully that will be useful to someone, somewhere, sometime. Laughing

[1]Nice laptop by the way, loads of extra goodies; you should buy it. Razz By the way, I'm convinced that the secret of success for selling on ebay is all about the description. Include real images, be enthusiastic, and include all the details about the object you are selling. This may sound obvious, but I see a lot of poorly described items that sell for less than they could do.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-14 21:16:08 | |


The Ending Counts

emoticon:movpy I've been busy recently writing a book. Yes, really. Smile

I am only a third of the way through it and it will be a long time until it is complete. I like to have a film or TV series on in the background whilst I write. That means I've been burnt my way through quite a lot in the last few months. My personal preference is for sci-fi / cyberpunk, which isn't too complicated. I can watch most things with only half an eye, so long as they don't get too involved. Laughing

This is good news for this blog, which is supposed to be about cyberpunk. The problem with cyberpunk is that most of its predictions seem to be horrifyingly accurate, so there isn't much to write about on the subject. Science fiction has moved on, and this is the first blog entry for quite some time which is even mentions it. Anyway, I'm drifting even further from what I intended to write about...

A good ending (by which I don't necessarily mean a happy ending) can make an enormous difference to a film. Two films with classically superb endings are:

TV series are a bit different. Looked at as a single body of work (posh hey!), they are much longer than a film, and so have to be more about the journey than the destination. This means that characters and sub-plots are all much more important than for a film. Every episode must have a story of its own, but the episodes must fit together into a coherent whole - which means that the series as a whole must have a point.

Series deal with this in different ways. Some have a single underlying story that the individual episodes explore, others series just have a background story that sets the scene for the sub-plots.

What is annoying, is when a series becomes successful, so the TV companies delay resolving the main story line in order to prolong the number of episodes they can make. After a while the series loses its point, and can fizzle out without ever resolving the plot. Even worse, some series get cancelled before they come to an end. You lose the opportunity for closure dammit.

My favourite example this is the television series Lost. The first series was mysterious, innovative and a great watch. It was also wildly successful, and in the second series (which I stopped watching), you got the feeling that they were introducing random and bizarre new elements into the main plot just to drag out the storyline. After a while you got the feeling that there was no answer, and no sensible resolution was ever going to be possible. Despite the clever sub-plots, for me the whole thing kind of 'lost' its point.

Series I've been watching more recently:

There are a few more, but this was a brief tour through some of my mental junk food. I hope you enjoyed it. For the next third of the book, I intend to work my way through the Top 100 Movies Based on Comic Books. There are a few surprises in there, more films than you expect originated in comic books. Cool

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2007-05-13 16:01:21 | |
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The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

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