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Reading other peoples poetry can be agonizing - so I guess not too many people will meander here by mistake ! For those who persevere there's some interesting stuff.

Some express the awe and confusion of life in general. Others were written as I came through a particularly rough time - a real heartcry. One of the main themes is my longing to express myself - an ability that I lost for a while.

My sincere apologies to those who might be offended by the naughty word in one of these poems.

Muddy Waters

Plunging Water
Whilst history charge on;
Mad plunge of doomed humanity,
Pouring over crags of grey and blasted stone
Onto the blighted shore
Of lost hope and frustrated opportunity
I spy a glimmer
Faint light midst swirl of chaos
So down I drive
Faint heart swept on strange current
Saved from random tragedy that clamours all around
Drawn on weakly as if toward some half dreamed goal
At last I see, but dimly ahead
The well of Christ.
And now my own will must I use;
So nearer do I come and sure enough
Amongst this senseless life and endless calling;
(all to death though it had seemed)
Is paradise - or promise of -
Through passage small and narrow
The plughole of salvation

Written in Nov '98, this is kind of how I see life. Faint grace found me !


Keep it Real
Words, fucking words
a passion unknown
a fruit untasted.
Everywhere I go
my ears are filled with the thoughts
of others that
echo my deepest longings,
deeper than me, than mine
and yet still a haunting sound
that calls to an unknown future;
and broken platitudes flow out
to fill the gap inside
that burns with every touch of beauty
from anothers lips.
And as for me my dear,
foolish knowing that weeps dry hard pebbles into sand.
I cradle the ache in my belly
like a mother nurses the child
that grows inside.
A twisting panic reaches out
to express more than these feeble scratches,
even in subtle, nuance can convey.
So here I am,
fucking words.

Yup - its true. Needs to be read with passion and venom ! Sorry about the naughty word.


That's Pretty Tangled
(a revisionist history)
A pot of love
Cleft downstream
in a motion of clutter.
Attention, a breath
Stroke in, Stroke out, Stuck
but to what porpoise.
How hard to see
When the world floats merrily
like so much broken flotsam.

More about sound and flow than meaning. Is a rewrite of something I wrote when I was mad - hence the revisionist history.

The Monsters Within

Cookie Monster
How can I express
the depths of my misery
If I wallow in self pity -
Will you know what I mean ?
I'm searching for the key
my soul is locked inside ,
I wade the barren shallows
of despair - hungry for the ride.
Boundless love the promise
what a goal - I've no other honest
but clinging flesh and pleasure
relief I really want.
Confusion scatter, God come in
Father thus I cry and
Smoke a secret fag on the sly.

These next two poems were written in the depth of my desolation - and just as I started to come through it. This one was a real heart cry... (Written in Early '97.)

My Prayer

a shattered mind
etched with scars called
hate and greed and envy
woven together, held in place
by pride - the monster self.
O lord give me repentance,
bring me a humble spirit
to face myself and let you in,
teach me to love others
and do battle with these
monsters that hold me captive.
Lord I need your spirit
Like the dry land needs the rain,
I have dirty hands and a dirty heart -
Wash me and anoint my will
that I might become a thing of beauty.
Let your rain wash away the ashes of my self life
expose my heart, cause me
to plough up the hardness there
but treat me tenderly -
That I might truly worship you and at last know your peace.
Teach me your ways great God, for you alone are holy and I long to find rest in your depths.
And cause me not only to desire your love in my life but find vision for others.

And this one was marginally more positive. (Written later in '97.)

A Midget Amongst Men

May the Earth Shine Too
Tower over me then you giants
You crushing weight of history crash down
Let me see my smallness,
My meanness and resentment
At the movement all around
That waves as it passes,
But tarries only briefly as its
Momentum pulls it past - and I'm too feeble to join in.
'Stay' I scowl, and stamp my feet
'Wait and hear my accusation'.
And I regret the pretty lights
That jostle shyly, yet so striking
As I reach out you move away,
Outgrow you I never can, only join
Outshine, never - merely add my humble glow to the myriad sparkle
Never rule, except within the reigning Godhead.
Ah me, what foolish dreams have run their course.

This still holds true.

Can You Paint a Character ?

Hold Your Head and Scream
Can you paint a character ?
Draw a life with brushstroked words ?
Shade in a past in hazy hues,
Spin imagined worlds with threads of hint and subtle implication,
Lines that speak of depth and soul,
Faint imprints etching personality.
What about a world ?
A bleak horizon -
Or landscape vast and spacious - whilst beings teem and scurry by in letters black and white,
Is this reality ensnared ?
Then catapulted back !

A short one on the art of writing. I'd still love to be able to do it. What a power....

A Spit in the Wind

Shine on Me
Like a spit in the wind
Like a drop in the ocean
Like an open mouth adrift the sea of incomprehension.
I call out and hear no reply.
Yet across the winds of time I hear a melody so sweet
A song that time forgot
That years have hidden.
Buried deep beneath the trampled trash
Of a humans empty dreams.
For me the neon sparkle has lost its edge
And I will seek for truth
With an open heart and a brave mind
I will search for you
And let love find me.
So Lord this cry goes out, from myriad wandering sheep
From all your sons and daughters
Not yet born, not yet found
And while we sleep
and churn away the turning days,
Hopes fade and battles rage.
Lord we seem so weak and some so young
Yet still your call is clear and strong
Your purpose deep and true.
So now we cry back to you
God make us strong,
Make us holy as you swore you would
Never let us be comfortable
Hold us to these words
For only you can hold us
God let your roar resound among the hills and echo in the valleys
Let the sparks from your eyes ignite a thousand hearts
and your thunder sound in a million ears.
May the sickness fall from our lives like leaves from a tree on a crisp
autumn day
and Lord, above all else
teach us to humbly seek your ways with clear resolve
And when we do - to us be true.

Very Christian but carries some real passion

Sailing Close to the Wind

The dolphins of love
On the high seas of life
The sun shines and wide the happy horizon
For well may the sun smile on you lovers,
Today you are first in our hearts.
Your two live entwined as vines intermingled
In grace and in hope and in peace.
But now comes a warning my friends
Today the sun shines, sky is blue
The gulls gentle call rings out clear
`Cross the bay of this marriage voyage.
But set not your course by the sun
Or the lying tongues of the poets
When falls the rain and the salty wind blows
Remember – all but the boring are tested.
Run not from the pain and the storm
For only by risk and adventure
Can joy be you friend and your guide.
Take heed, and when the clouds gather
Always sail close to the wind.
So stop up your ears to siren voices of doubt
Cause sister you’ve married a man
He’s strong and he’s kind and he’s true
And life’s trials through your love he’ll conquer.
And brother you’ve discovered a treasure
She’s caring and witty and flames with a passion
That’ll set you on fire.
(Don’t worry about sparks in you hair)
Your two vessels joined now become catamaran
(And Sam – I know how much you like cats)
Let the gods of good fortune and hope (or whichever you live by)
Smile all of your days
And may the Spirit of Life that flows through your veins
Grow with you as you both learn to be free
And remember
Always sail close to the wind.

Actually written for my brothers wedding, this is one of the funkiest things I`ve ever written... sigh

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